Walking the Path

This summer, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease after a lengthy illness. The healing process is slow, and I am still quite ill. For a while, I didn’t even think about my path even though that was the time I needed it most. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that. The good news is that I have finished writing a long-promised course, and I’m studying my witchcraft texts again. Sometimes it is difficult to stay on the path because there is little structure. A lot of the practices are kind of whatever works or anything goes. That’s not to knock it at all. For some, this is a much needed freedom. This is a path of self-discovery and self-knowledge. Because of that, it is highly personal and can even be isolating. This is why developing personal rituals is so important.

For a personal ritual to work, it must resonate with you. Basically, it has to be meaningful. A chant can be beautifully written, but if it holds no meaning for you then it is simply a string of pretty words. Personal rituals also have to be feasible. I am the queen of grand plans, but I often leave self-knowledge on the back burner. I know myself. I know that I’m not going to sit in front of my altar for an hour every morning and meditate for an hour every evening. If I make these kinds of plans, then I feel like a crap witch for not following through. However, the problem is in the plan and not in me. I guess that’s why the first goal of “The Thirteen Goals of a Witch” is “Know Yourself.”

It is hard not having a pagan community around me (or even a bookstore. We have no bookstore!!). It’s also hard following a path that is undefined. I think that requires greater faith than something that is clearly laid out before us.

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